Bride of the Creature – Episode 9: Society

Welcome back to the Bride of the Creature Podcast!

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This week on Bride of the Creature, Nicole and Joey watch the 1989 body horror satirical classic “Society”. SPOILER ALERT: ONE OF THEM DOESN’T LIKE IT!

Also, they are joined by Will Wylie, sound designer and composer for a “Night of the Living Dead” stage adaptation being put on in Calgary by Workshop Theatre. The play runs from May 10-18 and you can get tickets by visiting the Workshop Theatre website or calling 403-278-3669.


Plus, Would You Rather and The Following Is Based on a True Story!

Next week is our first ever VS episode where we’ll be watching both the original Dawn of the Dead and it’s 2004 remake and deciding which one reigns supreme. (Spoiler Alert: IT’S THE ORIGINAL)

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