Bride of the Creature

Episode 112: Silver Bullet (1985)

Werewolves, wait, hear me out… with bats!

Next month it’s a Spooktober VS Double-Header as we watch the 1992 original CANDYMAN and it’s newfangled reboot/remake from the current year of our lord 2021. We’re even going to read the Clive Barker short story that is the basis. See you then!

Episode 111: The Gift (2000)

We bring you the gift of the gift. It’s a gift (starring WC Fields).

Next time on Bride of the Creature: We are going on summer vacation! We’re moving house and that’s a lot of work so there will be no July or August episodes! Enjoy your vaxxed ‘n’ waxxed hot boi summers and join us in September for SILVER BULLET! Werewolves! Stephen King! Hurrah!

Episode 110: La Casa Lobo (The Wolf House) (2018)

Stop motion? More like… stop SLEEPIN’! amirite? (sorry.)

Next time on Bride of the Creature: Nicole has selected Sam Raimi’s last film before disappearing into superhero and franchise hell (minus a quick nostalgia trip post Spiderman 3), 2000’s “The Gift”

Episode 109: A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (2014)

How come “Bad City, Iran” looks so much like southern California?
At the end of this episode Joey rambles about the song “L’arena” by Ennio Morricone (it’s great), he mistakenly claims it is from a movie called “The Arena”. He does this because he’s an idiot and as soon as recording was complete he remembered the actual name of the film is “Il Mercenario” and he wishes to apologize to Sergio Corbucci and you, the listener and correct the record. He refuses to apologize for the many other things he probably got wrong in this episode. You only get one apology per blowhard per episode.

Next time on Bride of the Creature: Chilean animated horror feature “La Casa Lobo”. and not whatever spanish word Nicole kept trying to say at the end there…

Episode 108: Willy’s Wonderland (2021)

It’s your birrrrrrrrrthday and we want you to have fun.

We’ll be back in a month with less robot killin’ and more Iranian Vampires with “A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night”

Episode 107: Host (2020)

Take a break from all the video conferencing you’ve had to do in lockdown and… watch these people do some.

Be sure to join us next month to watch a stoic Nicholas Cage kill what resemble but are legally distinct from the Five Nights at Freddy’s monsters (who resemble, but are legally distinct from Chuck-E-Cheese)

Episode 106: Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001)

Mark Dacascos is many things… apparently including an Iroquois warrior?

Next time on Bride of the Creature:
Because we haven’t spent enough time on Zoom in the last year… it’s HOST! That seance movie shot on Zoom! Yay?

Episode 105: Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? (1971)

There’s nothing scarier than filthy, british orphans.

Next time on Bride of the Creature:
Brotherhood of the Wolf. Write your own funny joke or commentary here, I’m tired.

Episode 104: Noroi – The Curse (2005)

Damn, Japan… YOU SCARY!

Next time on Bride of the Creature:
It’s beginning to look a lot like Grand Dame Guignol! Join us as we ask the immortal question: Who Slew Auntie Roo?

Episode 103: The Hills Have Eyes (1977) VS (2006)

There’s eyes in them thar hills!

Next time on Bride of the Creature:
Joey’s back on his bullshit and we travel to Japan yet again for a look at the 2005 found-footage/pseudo-documentary NOROI: THE CURSE